Svetlana Dovgal at "Battle of Psychics" STB tv chanel
Svetlana Dovgal

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This official website of Svetlana Dovgal is about her. This is about what is she like, what she did, what she does, what she does NOT and never will. Web has a lot of sites and information about Svetlana Dovgal, but here is the onle place where You can discover her personal opinion, ask her a question and find out an answer.

Shooting in the second season of the Real-TV show “Battle of psychics” where Svetlana had come first taking into account the number of successfully completed competitions and hit top 3 of finalists where she had taken a second place in Audience Choice, made her an independent media-person.

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Who is Svetlana Dovgal?

Svetlana Dovgal is clairvoyant, psychic, esoteric and disciple of Scandinavian magic traditions. Finalist of Battle of Psychics-2 Country of overpowers in 2008 in Ukraine ...

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Biography of Svetlana Dovgal

Born in April 1966 in city of Melitopol, Zaporozhye Region, Ukraine, in multinational family. Since age of 5 has clairvoyant gift.

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