Svetlana Dovgal at "Battle of Psychics" STB tv chanel
Svetlana Dovgal

Biography of Svetlana Dovgal

Born in April 1966 in city of Melitopol, Zaporozhye Region, Ukraine, in multinational family.

How it all started

I first remember myself when I was two year old. All those caught grasshoppers, butterflies, nestlings, puppies and kittens from anywhere around. Since my childhood I always had a wish to catch and heal, to build a house… In a while I understood and felt that fear for those I cared made me willing to face difficulties. Even when taking my first childish decisions I always tried to be independent, was always relying solely on my abilities which I did not have any doubts in. My grandmother used to tell me – You can do it all by yourself. It seems to me that word “myself” was the first word I ever uttered.

Myself. Before 12 years old:

I believed in absolute honesty, was always true to myself, my beliefs and my views which seemed amusing to adults. As a schoolgirl I was quite frequently solely on my own.

Growth. Before 17 years old:

Honesty, fidelity to my principles and being myself – those were the Gods I worshipped. This was the way of sympathizing with weaknesses of other people who could not appreciate my efforts, and I was thanking them for priceless lessons… I started cherishing my freedom. I lived alone since I was 12, in quite a large city. This freedom was not only material but spiritual as well. I received my first experience as a spiritual consultant when I made readings for my relatives and friends with gypsy cards.

Education. Before 33 years old:

I understood that independent work was something I could do very well. Cooperation with other people and performing tasks given was not my style. My aspiration to be always active constantly created new wishes and if my life was becoming too pleasant, comfortable, cozy or routine (and routine and monotony can kill me) I was instantly into something new, for example, into getting new knowledge through studies. I studied at:
Zaporozhye Engineering-Industrial Institute – “Heat energy” department,
Zaporozhye State Technical University – “Mechanical engineering” department,
Zaporozhye State University – “Physics and mathematics” department,
Zaporozhye State Academy – “Accounting and audit”,
Kiev Medical University of “Alternative medicine”.
Presently I have many more wishes to realize.

Awakening. Before 43 years old:

……..I was no longer frightened that the aim is unreachable. I wanted to do something that “renews blood”, something that was never done by anyone. Even though people looked at me as if I was crazy I continued doing things that others tried to repeat later. I was risking but I was faithful to my “Star”. This was my life. Breathing, feeling the pulse of life… no one could stop me. This was the only way for me to live.


I am thankful to my Relatives for their Belief in me and to a large family of Friends who care about me and love me for who I am. I am thankful to every Person in my life who had even a mere relation to my improvement. Those people protected me from knowing what loneliness is, and also made me understood that I can influence unconscious collective and change stable structures and forms.


I highly appreciate Spiritual and religions philosophical concepts accepted by the society and inherited by it. I was blessed with the Gift of emotional intuitive foresight, imagination and friendly attitude and understanding of people who I share my life with!

With respect to each of you,
Svetlana Dovgal