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Svetlana Dovgal

Dear Friend, you were born to be happy!

I would like to address those who decided to get a better understanding of his or her personal life or life of close ones. First Words of Help that you will receive are these – there is nobody and nothing if there is no Faith in yourself!

These are the concepts that a person shall understand before he or she decides to reach for my professional consultation:

  1. You always have the right of choice, and the choice you make is only Your choice!
    ...What if we see the world not the way it actually is, but through the prism of ourselves!?
  2. You want your problem to be solved by the person who may not tell you things that you expect to hear or want to hear!
    ....What if things that happen are not always as bad as they seem to you!?
  3. Questions and thoughts that led to them always have their consequences that you are not able to protect yourself from
    ... Was that the reason why you or your close one could not resolve certain problems or issues?
    ...What if the gates to never ending happiness open not outwards but inwards!?
  4. This is not the first time you reach this “barrier” in your life, and whatever you have done only mitigated the consequence
    ... but that led to even worse repetitions?
    ...What if the real happiness comes only when you give, and not take!?
  5. It has always been clear to you that life is something more than you have right now!?
    ...What if life is not measured by years?
  6. First stage is completed, children have grown up, you have everything
    ... but you miss Yourself in your life?
    ...What if each person shall find time to create his or her own life philosophy?
  7. You want to achieve something that you spent huge efforts getting but the result is not here yet?
    ...What if the process of “receiving” starts with a process of “giving”?
  8. Problems with authorities and people with powers?
    ...What if the best way to get stuck in problems is spontaneous and crazy reaction to everything that we face, to any “coincidence” that causes uncontrolled emotions?
  9. You or people you care about have been constantly treated unfairly?
    ...What if you live according to the principle “I don’t know where I go thus any road will do”? What if all depends on the way we take yet another turn in our life, and make relevant events happen?
  10. Relations are not as good as they used to be?
    ...What if your every day is a priceless gift to you
    ... does that mean there is a solution!?
  11. You do not control the source of your professional/personal relations any longer?
    ...What if you become a Sun? It gives everything it can give!
  12. You want to know why you came into this life?
    ...What if the scariest thing in a person’s life is when this life is almost over and the person realizes that his or her dreams never came true?!
  13. Today you are successful and almost sure this will last forever!
    ...What if Success is important, but the meaning is still more important?
  14. You want to know how to discover yourself in life and in dreams?
    ...What if a person was able to heal the pain he or she inherited from the past? Has he obtained the most important values and reunited with his or her Self?
  15. You want to know who the strongest person was, is and will be?
    ...What if the answer is close? Following the society tastes and points of view, pleasing others means betraying yourself!
  16. You are not satisfied with where your Destiny leads you?
    ...Believe me, the place where the river of your life carries you is exactly the right place where you shall be to learn how to change it!
  17. You want a transparent business or you are not satisfied with how it goes?
    ...What if you forgot that business is first of all relations, care of clients, customers and even more – of competitors. The best way to develop a business field is to completely devote yourself to benefit of clients and customers, appreciating them even more than they can appreciate themselves!
  18. Everything that you did for another person has not changed your life to the better?
    ...What if you remember that you cannot go forward if you constantly look in the rear mirror!
  19. You experience serious health problems? ...What if you do not know how to combine responsibility for yourself with forgiving yourself. Only if a specialist helps you to reach the wall of your fears you become able to find personal freedom!
  20. You have to always make choices, but even with time you are not able to make the right choices?
    ...What if our choice is either makes us free or limits us? You cannot find your Destiny. Destiny finds you but only if you are ready for this meeting.
  21. You cannot manage your child? Stop understanding each other and hearing each other?
    ...What if each of us creates a story of his or her own life, even if he or she is the only listener?
  22. You do not understand yourself?
    ...Most of people learn a lesson of losing connection with inner self, but each of us at DNA level possesses great power and you can always find the way to regain it!
  23. It seems to you that life around you stopped and there are no interesting people or events?
    ...What if we, as most of people, we ourselves work into the trap of “mediocrity”?
  24. You want to know will you be scared when you know what your tomorrow plans are?
    ...What if unconsciously you exchange the inner power that was given to you when you were born into external power offered by the world that surrounds you?
  25. You are tired of losses?
    ...What if all your losses are the result of not giving love, not using all efforts, being too conscious, trying to avoid suffering
    ... What if this way you are losing your happiness?
  26. You do not know who you deal with today because you did not know it yesterday?
    ...What if the real coward is the one who is afraid to dive into the mystery of his or her own life and rejoice experiencing a process of inner growth?
  27. You are in a difficult situation and your beloved one betrayed you?
    ...What if our inner Child is blessed and brings a part of heaven into life roughness and does not allow his parent throw this child out because of wrong actions for many years. This Child fights for you.
  28. When you are tired of life, when you do not believe that the Sun will rise again tomorrow, remember – it will rise, and your problem can be solved!
    ...What if our perception of time does not necessarily go in parallel with physical time?
  29. You again cannot understand what your treasure is?
    ...What if it is time to stop strangling yourself and regain confidence, so that the Universe sends you a real treasure in an unexpected packing?
  30. You cannot relax in your own house or apartment?
    ...What if you remember that there are special protective practices, techniques and possibilities to make your house bring you joy and protection?
  31. You once influenced the life of another person and now you doubt (judging by the result) that the way you did it was the right one?
    ...What if we remember that life in its essence is very simple, as we receive only what we gave to others?
  32. Today you suffer because you are hurt, your soul is in pain… and other people use it?
    ...What if the Universe supports those thoughts and perceptions that we prefer to have?
  33. The world around you lost its colors?
    ...What if one day you lost a piece of paper that said “Love yourself means bring miracles to your life every day”!
  34. You noticed that several times a month you thought that people that surround you are boring?
    ...What if you find out what “Nothing” is and decide to live and love your life whatever it is?
  35. You cannot restore your family with the help of a child?
    ...What if our attitude to life and to ourselves is developed in early childhood under the influence of adults that we live with?
  36. You think that your child loves the second parent more than you? ...What if a child when it grows tries to recreate an emotional atmosphere of his or her childhood and uses the behavioral matrix that was the most obvious?
  37. We are all parents and children at one and the same time… do we choose our parents?
    ... What if this is how the Universe works so that we could better understand each other and ourselves? If you want to understand your parents better, ask them about their childhood?
  38. You want to know what your strength is?
    ...What if it is in three questions that each of us asks himself or herself but nothing changes in life? They are – What you are thinking of now? What do you believe now? What do you say now?
  39. When will you understand what is the most important thing in your life?
    ...What if your life will be under your control as each next step of yours will be a reflection of your thought?
  40. You are concerned about the targets you set? ..What if Financial channels, as well as channels of Luck and Success and even Sexuality work according to their own laws?
  41. You have been fighting your weight for quite a while and tried many diets? ...What if you do not have to fight to look beautiful?
  42. You want to return what is yours?
    ...What is this return will “kill” you forever? ..What if you understand that you do not have to return anything of yours and cannot hide from anything of yours, and it is even impossible?

If you are determined to solve any of these above issues and arrange a meeting, you can:

- call my assistants (by phone);
- write a letter arranging an appointment (by e-mail);
- receive a skype consultation using the login provided.

All consultations are provided in strict compliance with Diplomas of the University of Alternative Medicine, Kiev, and the Special Permit of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, No.2410 dated October 19, 2011.

Please note that I, Svetlana Dovgal, do not provide any consultations over the phone and do not cooperate with other companies and do not consult anonymous people!!!!

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