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Svetlana Dovgal

Articles by Svetlana Dovgal - Existence

1. You are here for a reason! Existence needs you! Without you existence will miss something, and nothing will be able to replace you, as everything needs you! Stars, Sun, Moon, birds, Earth!

2. Everything in the Universe will feel that empty space that cannot be filled by anyone except you
This is the great joy to know that you are a part of existence and Universe cares about you!

3. Inner voice is one of the simplest ways of mediatio
…if you find the truth inside you, there is nothing else you can find in the whole world
Truth acts through you. When you close your eyes – truth closes its eyes. If you understand the principle, you realize that you do not have to do anything, as everything you do is done by the truth!

4. Creation is the way you create – this is the way you look at things
To create something means doing it with joy and love and not only for economic purposes
- Spiritual is something that creates, something that is divine, that grows out of you and allows you growing!

5. Rebel
People are afraid of those who know themselves. Those possess certain charisma, aura, attractiveness and power that may free young people from their traditional prison where their souls are kept
An enlightened person cannot be a slave, he cannot be imprisoned
A person who perceived something inside him cannot be destroyed. He himself is the power that destroys the existing order
Crowd does not want to change anything. They do not wish to be disturbed even if their living is miserable. They are unhappy but they got used to it. Anyone who is happy looks like a stranger
An enlightened person is the greatest stranger of the world as he does not belong to anyone. He cannot be limited by any community, any country, any people.

This is the vibration of all possibilities
This is the absolute potential
It is yet not revealed but it contains everything
Nature is the beginning and nature is the end, why we, in the middle of it, create such a hassle
Why we in the middle of it become so anxious and so ambitious? Why do we need this despair covered with ambitions
Nothing in the beginning and nothing in the end – this is the journey.

7. Lover
The lowest level of love is sex physical
The most pure love is compassion
Sex is lower than love, compassion is higher than love, love is exactly in the middle
99% of people unfortunately think that sexuality is love, but this is not true
Sexuality is only a possibility to grow love
Sex is a seed, love is a flower, and compassion is the fragrance of this flower
Compassion is love plus meditation
Love is not a beggar but an emperor, it does not ask for anything in return but is ready to give solely for the joy of giving. If we add meditation to it we will receive the purest fragrance.

8. Awareness is the flame without smoke
Mind cannot be reasonable
Mind is not original or decisive
Mind is the revolution in action
Mind burdens our thoughts with past memories, thus relief from thoughts is only possible in meditation. When you are free from thoughts, you create a flame – clear, bright, vivid, young. Your whole life becomes a flame, and this is the flame without smoke.

9. Courag
The seed never knew a flower, thus the seed does not know what will happen next
The seed got a dream and started growing not thinking of dangers and problems on its way, not realizing how difficult it is to be a fragile flower
Greatness is the cross that you have to carry, but the seed got a dream and started moving
This is the way a person goes. It is difficult and you have to be courageous.

10. Loneliness is absence of another person
When you are alone, you are not lonely
There is a great difference between loneliness and solitude
You are lonely when you think of someone and miss that someone
When you are alone – you are with yourself
Solitude is a positive and joyful presence of yourself. When you are alone you can fill the whole world with yourself and will not need anyone
Loneliness is when you need another person.

11. Changes – be attentiv
Life repeats again and again and until you become attentive your life will be a spin cycle.
Wheel of time is the wheel of life and wheel of death
When you perceive the system you can go beyond it.

12. Breakthrough – meta-psychology (Buddha psychology
The true master may turn destruction into breakthrough
To go through destruction consciously is the greatest adventure in life and the greatest risk
Your chaos is very old! Your chaos accumulated during many lives became thick and dense. It is almost a universe in itself! This is why entering the chaos with our limited possibilities is very dangerous
HOWEVER UNLESS YOU FACE DIFFICULTIES YOU WILL NOT BECOME WHOLE. Meditation as a cure will help you to go through the darkness of events and your soul, to become balanced, disciplined, and attentive
“The darkest hour is before the dawn”

13. New vision – in ten directions
When you are open for the new vision it will come to you
When your inner self starts opening, it will feel only two directions – height and depth. When this state becomes stable you start looking sideways in other eight directions. When you come to the point that combines height and depth your consciousness will start working in ten directions, however, there is only one way to it.

14. Transformation – change – transfer of faith, belief in knowledge and transfer of experience into objective reality.

15. Integratio
(conflict within a person – when the bridge between two hemispheres is broken, when the conflict is not resolved) = behavior defined in between those two halves of min
Crystallization of existence is a reinforced bridge between two hemispheres and, thus, integrity – Georgiy Gurzhiev.

16. Conditioning is the ability to let personality go to find individuality
Personality is obedience enforced by society, obedient sheep in the flock
Individuality is a LION not accepted by society and not afraid to live alone by himself.

17. Lightning – the way of explanatory teaching in Zen Buddhism, with the help of unexpected actions (throw a student down from the second floor, beat a student).

18. Silence – experience of silence = energy of the whole possessed you… and there is no you anymore, just the whole.

19. Fool is the one who trusts everything, even despite his own experience
Do not create a wall of knowledge around you. Whatever experience you have, let it happen. AND THEN DISREGARD IT
You shall constantly cleanse your mind. Continue to die for the past in order to stay in the present, here and now, as if you were just born