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Svetlana Dovgal

Advices of Svetlana Dovgal. Financial psychology

What does a poor man think of? His imagination is filled with images of poverty and future problems related to it. Imagination is a creative process as thought is material, thus constant concern about money, his disbelief in him and in success worsen his life even more.

A rich man on the contrary thinks of his riches, counting all his money, thinking of possible option of his financial means use. Thus, a rich person by thinking and imagining increases his wealth.

Money (like people) besides physical body also has emotional and mental bodies.

Physical body is paper notes and coins. They like when they are cherished, kept fit and in comfortable and nice wallet which is their house. Money does not like being kept in pockets, notes do not like being crumpled or torn.

Due to its emotional body money feels our attitude to it. As everything else in nature and around us it tends to come to those who respect and like it, know its value, and of course like counting it.

With the help of their mental bodies bank notes always know what we think about them. If your attitude relates to principle that big money is bad, dirty or shameful (“Honest people in our country cannot be rich”), then big money will most surely pass you by.

You shall better think that money means pleasure, freedom, joy, power, tranquility, stability and that your income level and your life level shall increase from year to year, because you are a wealthy and lucky person loved by money.

You will not get any money if you believe in “everyone to his trade” or “cut your coat according to your cloth”. This limits the level of your aspirations. You think that you do not deserve more than you have. Unfortunately, when we set those limits we have to live within them.

Watch your thoughts, how often and what you say about money. Do you complain that you constantly lack money? You will continue lacking it because you convinced yourself in that.

You boast that you won 100 thousand in a lottery or a lover bought you a car? Or maybe you brag about the salary you have that your friends could only dream of? Stop doing that! You shall not boast your income. Doing this you destroy the energy link between you and money. In Western countries, for example, it is normal that friends, relatives and even parents and children do not know how much exactly they earn. If people insist on getting to know it, always tell them that you earn less than you actually do.

People may be programmed to stay poor by their problem families where parents abuse alcohol and do not wish to work. This also may happen in good families among intelligentsia where people tend to treat material wealth disparagingly.

However, the most typical are the programs that are put into children’ consciousness by their parents. Let me give you an example. In Soviet intelligentsia family (father is a doctor and mother is a teacher) children were always taught to cherish intellectual values. “Intellectual values are the most important. Work for the sake of money is a shame for a Soviet person. You shall be above the desire to gain profit,” mother would tell her children while at the same time she constantly borrowed money from friends. When times changed her son decided to open his own business and invest the money he received from selling his car. However, this work did not give him anything except troubles and tiredness, as his family always treated money with contempt. Financial channel responded adequately. Why? The person does not respect money so he shall be punished by its lack.

Let the Lord judge them. Some of those poor people are just dedicated idlers, some think that they found a way to earn easy money and do not think of payback. Johann the Chrysostom said about such people: “Who time of labor makes the time of rest will grind his teeth and suffer extremely when there is time to rest in peace”.

Sometimes we program ourselves to be poor or out of money. We are not confident in our future, do not have enough will to overcome crisis situations, and this leads to a person being unable to deal with poverty.

My mother told me that my granddad Vladimir was a prosperous farmer. During the period of collectivization after the richest ones were dispossessed, it was the turn of middle class. Even though granddad Vladimir did not use hired labor force he was included in the dispossession list. Luckily he was notified about that by a kind person and escaped labor camp. He had to leave everything and at night with his four children ran to the south of the country, to Kirghizia. When I need spiritual help I address this person who had to spend his life in exile.

Reasons for lack of money can be even more serious. During difficult times relatives used to hide money for the so called “black day”. Now this black day came for you. Money energy aims to do good things and not to be uselessly hidden.

Keep your money in wallets unfolded, do not crimple notes putting them into your pockets. Take care of them, flatten bent corners, do not throw away a torn note, better take it to the bank regardless of how small value it is. Keep all notes in separate compartments of your wallet not mixing notes of different value. Coins shall be kept separately. Take special care of the way you put money into your wallet.

Never crumple notes and put them into pockets. Your money has its own home – your wallet, and everything in this house shall be kept in place. Money shall be comfortable there. Flatten carefully any crumpled notes. If you treat money with care and respect, it will like staying in your house.

Business people treat money carefully and frequently count it. Trade people program themselves and future generations for life without poverty.

The easiest way to resolve the situation is to ask money energy to forgive you, on behalf of yourself and your relatives even those who are dead.

You always feel comfortable when you know that there is a sum of money in your wallet that you can always spend on some pleasure or make an unexpected purchase.

To start with, the wallet shall be a good one and relatively expensive. The Universal Law “similar attracts similar” works at its best here. Cheap wallet is filled with energy of poverty, and big money does not want a house like that.

Your wallet shall have several compartments for notes of big and small value, and a separate compartment for coins. If you bought an expensive wallet, you shall be sure that this money will soon return to you in tenfold.

Empty wallet has always been a sign of bad luck leading to bankruptcy. That is why when a wallet was given as a gift it had to contain at least some money.

Secondly, if a wallet is made of synthetic and artificial materials it does not have any material energy but on the contrary it blocks such energy of success and wealth inflow. That is why it is better if your wallet is made of suede, leather or natural material.

When you choose a wallet do not take the first one that you liked. Consider different options, hold a wallet in your hand, and check whether it is big and reliable enough. When you make your choice, take a wallet and imagine how it gets heavier being filled with money. If you are able to feel that then this wallet was made for you, it will be able to support its master in bad and good days. If there is no such feeling, do not buy this wallet, as money will not love it.

As soon as you bought a wallet start making it alive so that it can attract money energy. Put a coin there and it shall always stay there so that there is always money in your wallet.

Do not keep photographs or documents in your wallet. They shall be kept in other places more suitable for them. It is even worse when you keep business or visiting cards in your wallet. If you lose your wallet, you “open the doors” for thieves, as those cards have information about you and your friends.

Make it a habit to check your wallet daily. Set all notes according to their value, talk to them gently. “Massage” them, unfolding any bent corners.

Almost all spiritual schools say that everything shall be paid for. And these are not just words. God gives us everything because we are His children. Our payment is our GRATITUDE. We shall know how to say thank you in a proper way. We receive everything from God, but it is given to us by people as His mediators. That is why we thank those people, though in this case the addressee is not correct.

1. First we shall thank God and only after that the person who gave us a benefit.

2. It often happens that after a person receives help, support or blessing, he stops noticing good things that people made for him, even forgets to say thank you to them, taking everything for granted. He did not pay God for what he was given and did not pay the person who gave him good things. Quality of life of such ungrateful person will eventually worsen.

“Gratitude” is “giving grace”. Simple words of thanking coming straight from your heart become a precise measurement of material grace when they enter the world of energies.

How to stop losing money

«You will never be free unless you are free financially. However, this freedom has its price».
R.T.Kiosaki «Money flow quadrant»

Another reason for lack of money is an open channel through which money leaks.

If you treat your money without due care, spend it carelessly, do not count it – it will soon vanish.

You shall take due care of money as of any substance that possesses energy. This does not mean that you shall accumulate it hiding your treasure from anyone. It just means that you shall treat the result of your work carefully.

People with esoteric experience basing their knowledge of ancient Persian texts of Sasanian empire (222 AD) use some of methods of communication with thin substances on the edge between astral and material world that money belongs to. The basic principle of this method is the tractate which title can be translated as “On eternally leaving and eternally incoming”. Main positions of this tractate assert the necessity to build reasonable relations with money. Money leaves those who do not know how to treat it. Relations “person-money” and “money-person” according to ancient manuscripts is a ritual that shall be carried out on a regular basis.

If you want to build your relations with money try to follow these recommendations for at least a few months.

I shall warn you though that money is quite a mysterious substance that is beyond good and evil and is not subject to human morale.

Ancient tractate “On eternally leaving and eternally incoming” written by Persian sages of Sasanian empire (226 AD) teaches that it is pointless to love or hate money, serve it or despise it.

The only reasonable solution is to set neutral relations with money – you do not interfere with its course, it does not interfere with yours.

A person who loves or hates money is not able to realize that money is just means and not the aim.

The most profitable way to save money is to save on bad habits – smoking, drinking, excessive shopping, gambling etc.

In such cases your difficult relations with money are influenced by the third substance that is your guardian angel responsible for your financial situation. Angel acts very straight and if it is obvious that money harms you then you will be deprived of money and on the contrary – if you use it for your benefit money will be attracted to you.

Saved money is earned money. When you go shopping, make a list of how much it will cost and take as much money as you might need for it. Also try to save a little bit in the process. Compare price and quality of different vendors.

The principle “Expensive means good” has always been excessively used by sellers thus a product price does not necessarily reflect its quality. Respect yourself and do not allow others cheat or rook you. The one who deceives you does not only steal your money, he steals you energy and wealth.

Culture of spending

Once a female magazine published a set of rules:
1. “Prepare for a rainy day when it is sunny”. It is as old as the world but not exactly true. You could buy winter boots in summer with a discount, but in autumn there could a range of new models, but more expensive but exactly what you always wanted.
2. “Do not buy what you can borrow”. Good rule suitable for love novels, “one time see” movies and even travel if you travel once in 5 years. In other cases I would not recommend it.
3. “Breath in three times before you buy anything”. This rule is gold as it will help you not buy things you do not need.

You shall learn the culture of spending.
Important advice – delete word “spending” out of your vocabulary and change it for word “investment”. See if the approach changes as well. “I again invested 3,000 in food”. Now think whether it was worth it investing so much money in something that will literally go down the flush. Spending is much easier than investment. Change your vocabulary.

Change your attitude to money

«Achieving the Great aim starts with small things».
Dao de Zen

Our wealth is exact reflection of our inner attitude to money. We have exactly same amount that we value ourselves for. If you believe that you do well enough with a low salary you will receive a low salary and I doubt you will get a raise. Deal with your inner attitudes and remove your inner limitations, allow yourself being rich.

Law of obsessive wish

In order to become rich you can sacrifice everything except your health, personal relations and decency. You shall build up a system of priorities: health, good relations with relatives, inner comfort and only after that – becoming wealthy.

Law of clear intention

You shall know exactly how much money you need and for what purpose. Be sure that implementation of your wishes is material. Do not think that by earning a certain amount of money you will become more confident or more attractive.

Law of thought-out plan

In order to achieve your aim you shall have a clear and well thought-out plan, otherwise a dream will remain a dream and it will not bring money into your pocket.
You shall define time frames and plan specific steps that you will take to reach the set target, think of what you shall change in your life to make your dream come true – find another job, change occupation, move to another city etc. However, there is always a condition – your work shall bring you not only money but pleasure as well as otherwise this plan will not work.

Law of persistence

Do not lose your heart when you face first failures, do not stop halfway. Any failure is a step to success, a lesson that you shall learn to gain necessary skills and experience. Do not be obsessed over your mistakes, instead try to focus on things that you did the right way and next time you will be successful.

Law of professional knowledge

In order to save and increase your capital you shall have special knowledge or use services of consultants – tax and banking operations experts and others. Special knowledge acquisition shall be an item in your agenda to reach success.

Law of faith

Have faith in you and in your powers and success will eventually come. Fear to lose is already a failure. Fear is for a reason one of seven deadly sins.

Law of honesty

“Similar attracts similar”. When you choose the way to become rich, do not forget about this law. If you deceived someone – you will be deceived too, if you stole – you will lose threefold. Be honest to yourself when you carry out your business.

Law of controlling expenses

Prosperity level is determined by the ability of person to live within his means and enjoy the pleasure of life using the means he or she has at the moment. Do not save money on yourself, plan your budget so that you always have some means to satisfy your wishes and for the future development.

Law of charity

Do not save on you or your close ones, as frequently we have to refuse wishes of our relatives or our wishes, we do not spend anything on us and life does not give us a chance to become richer. Spend one tenth of your income on yourself and one tenth – on charity, but remember that charity spending and help to your friends or tax payments shall not exceed 40% of your income.

«As in springs the water being taken replenishes and rises higher, and as mother’s breasts give more milk before the one who feeds on it becomes old enough to eat food, the money you give is replenished and the breast of charity feeding those who need help in the name of God is not exhausted until they reach absolute perfection»
Reverend Isidor Pelusiot.

Try to invest in charity as much as you can. Find any orphanage or association of disabled, give them money or things.

Important advice
An important aspect of relations with money is its count. A well known phrase “Money loves count” is not only of day to day value, it is a magical phrase. Counting is the only thing that money likes, however, not everyone knows how to do it properly.

When and how money shall be counted?


You shall learn how to keep record of your money.

However strange it may seem but money “does not like” parting with a person. In other words, money “dreams” of staying with person always, never going away and increasing its amount.

In some ancient manuscripts money was compared to a dog or cattle. Ancient people believed that money “does not understand” people who spend it, kicking it out of the house in other words. Money shall be “explained” why it changes the master. Thus, thoughts and desires shall be transferred into a more material form that is closer to money form, for example, write them on a piece of paper. The process of putting your financial plans to paper tunes fine energy connection between a person and money, and this is the main step towards prosperity.

Do not hurry to spend money. When you are at home make two lists of forthcoming expenses.

The first is the list of big purchases, and the second is the list of monthly spending.

In an hour look through these lists and cross out everything that you do not need, what you can live without and what everyone else has.

The first list – big purchases.

It is important to figure out what you need first of all and what sum you need for it. You have to record this in your mind and on paper.

The sum that you shall save by a certain period shall be repeated three times. Count how much you shall save from each income to achieve this.

Ancient wisdom warns: “Do not keep all the money in one place”.

It is still relevant. Your money shall be kept in at least six places. Six places provide for prosperity at present, seven places – at present and in future.

Get yourself two money boxes. One can be an ordinary glass jar for coins, and another – non transparent and hard to open – for bank notes. Immediately put a certain sum of money into that second money box and forget about it as if you have already spent it.

The second list – monthly expenses.

Calculate how much money you can spend daily for 32 days. Put money into five envelopes.

Use the first envelope during the first 9 days. Do not seal the first envelope, but seal the three of them. On one of the envelopes write the date that is 9 days after you receive your salary. It will keep the money for next 7 days. On the next envelope the date shall be plus 17 days from the salary date (money for 8 days).

For example, if you received salary on January 15, the dates on envelopes shall be the following: January 24, January 31, and February 8.

Open the envelopes and use the money in them only on the day written on the envelope. Do not forget to save a certain sum, for example, if your salary is delayed (this is the fifth envelope, without the opening date).

Record all expenses. At the end of the month you will know where your money goes and how many useless expenses you made, which will allow excluding them in the future.

There are positive and negative energies, that is with “plus” and “minus”.

Energy of receiving money is a positive type of energy, and energy of debt is negative.

When a person lends money he gives it away, as if giving part of himself. Some can do it easily, some suffer a lot.

Those people start doubting what if the lent money is not given back. Energy of money creates one of the minor layers of our aura, and by lending money we reduce this aura, weaken it. A person giving blood feels weaker, same goes the money!

Does it mean that you shall not lend money? Of course not! You shall you’re your close ones. However, this process also has its rules, and they were not invented by me, they were verified through centuries and you shall know them.

How to lend money properly

«Debts are heavy burden».

First of all you shall remember that money requires special attitude: it does not come to those who saves on everything, however, it does not like light-minded people who do not know its value either.

Think about this: do you know how to borrow and lend money? Both things are very important when we deal with the world of finance. If you are ready to give money to everyone who approaches you and do not have the heart to ask your friends or acquaintances about money, or otherwise you can easily borrow money but do not like lending it and hate any debts, then you are doomed to financial problems.

Set the sum that you are ready to lend if necessary and the sum that you can afford borrowing and never step over that line. At the same time when you lend money part with it: do not remind your debtor, do not ask or demand money back. Money does not like it.

Each time when you give money to someone, tell to yourself:

“Hard to part but I shall, for the sake of help, for the sake of good people. Help them and get back, not by set time but when needed”.

Rules of lending money

If the person drops the money, or something happens at the moment when you give the money (for example, his phone rings), say to yourself three times: “No fault or delay, money get back to me”. Unless you protect yourself, you will have to wait for your money coming back and your debtor will find hundreds of reasons not to return it.

НIf you drop the money yourself say immediately “my treasure stays with me”.