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Articles by Svetlana Dovgal – Island of Khortytsia

— Island of Khortytsia is a sanctuary under the open sky. To know that you shall remember how many pre-Christian temples were discovered there. It is literally covered with them. on Island of Khortytsia When “Poteshnaya Sech’” was built, several temples were found.

— When they started digging ground for construction of the new bridge, a unique temple was found that our ancestors prayed in over four thousand years ago. Those temples were not located randomly. They were built in special places where energy was concentrated.

— Slavic people always prayed and brought gifts to their Gods on Khortytsia which was a sacral place.

— Even in thousand years the temples located in the woods have not been covered under the trees, even though trees were planted there specifically. Everyone can make sure that Khortytsia still has its energy. Any local person when having problems or feeling bad can come to Khortytsia and leave the place totally in peace with himself.

— Land of Khortytsia is sacral! Any intrusion into this land breaks its energy system. When bridges go above the ancient temple or even when such a temple is destroyed during the construction, positive energy of the temple will be replaced by lower energies that will find home in our indifferent souls…

— Any actions of people damaging Khortytsia also damage those who perform them. Even when this positive energy is minimal it still prevails and is stronger than any higher level of negative energy. There is only one condition – the island shall stay intact and able to lock its energy flow independently.

It shall be remembered that the mystery of the Black Stone on Khortytsia is yet not discovered, that is why preservation of this island as a cultural monument is still important, as much as preservation of its magical abilities, as the island is the place where dark and light powers are united and natural balance of energy is achieved.

Person who lives according to laws of energy is able to compare his life and centuries using his experience in studying the laws of life and using this knowledge to preserve integrity of energy balance on Khortytsia.