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Mechanisms of mantra influence

There are many spiritual practices that lead to perception of the existence and uniting with God. One of the forms of spiritual growth is mantra. You shall remember that all holy writings tell us that our world was created by Word – initial vibration. Combination of sounds has its own specific power and energy that can bring specific results. Each mantra has its own divine character, sphere of application and specific practical application. Each deity of each mantra is the aspect of the Supreme God, its functions and its power.

Mantra is a syllable, word or poem that can influence human consciousness and help spiritual perfection when repeated, listened to or used for thinking. Mantras have a unique ability to help a person in his spiritual growth and also to attract material benefits. With the help of mantras a person can cure diseases, return a person you love, become rich, achiever harmony, find luck and happiness. Magically mantras are able to charge us with Energy and power, make our wishes come true, help in difficult situations, save and protect us from dangers.

Word “mantra” is a combination of two Sanskrit words. First “manas” means mind and thought. Second syllable comes from word “trai” – liberation, protection and redemption. Thus, mantra helps to liberate ourselves from unnecessary dogmas, protects our mind from us and leads to redemption through mental concentration.

To many people who are not aware of the Creation theory, repetition of mantras may seem just a meaningless repetition of a set of sounds. This is not what it seems to them. Mantra is an ancient sacral formula with the powerful charge of Energy concentrated in sound vibration as a code and medium of special spiritual power containing the Sacral Knowledge. All sounds of mantra have supernatural powers. Some think that if there is no simple meaning and logic in mantra, then mantra cannot influence people. However, mantra is not a random set of sounds or symbols. It is a specific combination of vocals and consonants and this sequence leads to certain vibrations that connect us with necessary manifestations of universal energy. Mantra is a code that in compressed and encrypted form contains huge amount of information and energy. While meditating we can transcribe this information. Perception is an important instrument, as the more person meditates using the mantra, the more energy and information that this mantra contains make his mind perfect and bring his mind and feelings to harmony with spiritual world. Mantra is a sound vibration that frees body and mind from destructive programs. Mantra shall not be literally translated from Sanskrit as this way it loses its meaning. Some people think that mantras and prayers are similar, which is not true, even though the nature of their influence is indeed similar.

When you start saying a mantra you will feel very special vibrations that will start working inside your body. At first you might not even notice them as they will be lost among your daily thoughts, stress, and inability to focus. In some time, different for each person, mantra influence will grow, and other vibrations will decrease and vanish. Mantra can put a person into a state when his body vibrates in unison with Universal Energy. At this stage the most significant changes in person’s body and mind happen and as the main result of this a person achieves harmony, becomes calm, relaxed and gets what he wants.

Mantra exercises beneficial influence not only on person’s mind but also on the place where it is reproduced or sung. Body-less destructive creatures of the astral world that are called “spirits” cannot stay in the place where mantras are read. They leave this place which becomes calm and harmonious. If you argue a lot at work or at home, there is no understanding between people, sing or play mantras and you will be surprised how soon the atmosphere will change, the place will become quiet and relations will improve.

It is believed that if you repeat a mantra 108 times within 11 or 21 days you are automatically connect yourself to Universal channels of abundance.

Remember one simple rule: do not try to understand the words of mantra or translate it, simply repeat it.

Mantras can be of several categories: male (Solar), female (Moon), neutral.

Those can be easily distinguished by the last syllable. Male mantras end with “um” and “phat”. Female mantras end with “tham”, “svaha”. Neutral mantras end with “namah”, “pamah”. It shall be noted that neutral mantras help a lot when a person lacks vital energy.

By nature of influence all mantras can be divided into magical and spiritual. Magical mantras are those that can change the surrounding world, and spiritual mantras change our consciousness and inner world. Power of mantra will start acting if it is awaken by person’s constant efforts. Magical mantras may start working very fast and spiritual mantras require time because consciousness shall be cleansed and prepared and cannot be transformed fast.

The way you pronounce mantra is also important. You can read it aloud influencing your physical body, whisper it influencing your ethereal body, or repeat it without saying influencing your mental body – consciousness.

There are several levels of saying mantras. At the first level you shall focus on the sounds, on the second level start perceiving its inner sense, and on the third level mantra turns forms the atmosphere around you and is always on your mind. However, if a person wants to achieve a serious spiritual transformation, he shall go to another level of mantra practicing that combines mediation and trance. By doing this he stops perceiving himself and his consciousness unites with mantra’s idea.

You can repeat mantras as many times as you like but this number shall be multiple of three. You can repeat them 3, 6, 9, 15 times but the biggest effect is achieved if mantra is repeated not less than 108 times as this number is sacral. One symbolizes the Supreme Energy, Deity. Zero is the perfection of Divine creation, and eight is the symbol of eternity.

There are mantras that start acting after they are “awaken” by constant repetition, some shall be repeated 108 times, some – thousands of times. There are even some mantras that can become “alive” only if repeated hundred thousand times and not taking any food or drinks. It is not very convenient to repeat mantra and count at the same time, thus we recommend using rosary with hundred and eight beads when practicing mantras. Rosary not only helps to count but also allows concentrating on mantra and its idea, plus during repeating mantras you charge rosary with powerful Energy and it can become a perfect charm.

It is not recommended to practice several mantras at the same time. Choose one or two that may help to solve your problem at the present moment. When you solve it, proceed with the next one. If you want wealth, love, career and health, choose what you want the most or use multipurpose mantras.

Before you start practicing mantras take the following simple actions:

Find a quiet and calm place where no one can disturb you. Light a candle or incense.

Close your eyes, concentrate, imagine yourself in the beam of light. Take deep breath in and out, imagine how you breathe in this light.

Say your wish, your request to the World, or think of the problem you want to solve.

Start repeating mantra.

You shall decide by yourself when, how and where to repeat mantras. Some recommend repeating them only in the mornings, some – on the growing moon, some – only on specific days, some – when you sit or in bed, some – you’re you are alone or with friends. When you start practicing mantras, you will soon understand when and how it is the most convenient. This process will soon turn automatic and you will be able to program yourself to repeating mantras when you dream or when you work.

Do not limit yourself with any time frame or action. You may repeat mantras anywhere and anytime – when you go to work, when you do the dishes or walk out your dog. By the way, you can listen to disks with mantras and sing along.