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Svetlana Dovgal

On Solar eclipse

….21.05 (at night..1-25 Moscow time (+1 Kiev time)

When the Solar eclipse happens, the Moon stays between the Sun and the Earth and stops solar energy from reaching the Earth. Since this always happens during the new moon when a monthly cycle starts, combination of solar and moon energy becomes very intensive with sensitive nature of the Moon prevailing.

Before the eclipse we shall summarize and realize the experience and purify ourselves.

We transform our immature feelings into gratitude and love not to pollute the Information Space of the Universe with additional mental waste. Then we are reborn and feed our future with new energy having a chance to start life anew.

Each of us has the possibility by starting with you to give this wonderful world a share of Love and Goodness and save this priceless gift for those who come after us.


1) It is clear that this period is not the best time for taking any serious obligations, taking serious decisions or making big purchases that require reasonable and sound thinking. General advice is to occupy yourself with something that does not require a lot from you, since your immune system and energy will be at a lower level than usual. Be especially careful with alcohol and drugs.

2) Before any eclipse it is recommended to have a three day fasting (do not eat animal food, sun flower seeds, and nuts). During this period ensure that situation is not stressful and you do not have to take active actions or serious decisions.

In half an hour before the eclipse -

3) Light up a candle and go around your house clockwise saying your favorite pray. Fire helps cleansing the house from any negative energy. When eclipse starts, say out loud (or better put that on paper) everything that you want to get rid of, confess to the Fire.

Practicing solar eclipse gives us a possibility to realize and free ourselves from inner fears, negative traits of character (for example, laziness, temper, etc.) that hamper our life and prevent our spiritual growth.

4) During the solar eclipse that almost always occurs during the 29th and 1st moon day (that is during the new moon) we shall summarize the results of the past period, think where we were wrong, who we offended, what we fear and what we care about. Any fear that you have may attract unfavorable situations. For example, fear of loneliness will attract loneliness, fear of losing stability and material wealth will result in this loss. Thought is material and similar attracts similar. Those concerns and fears you can realize, thank them for what they taught you, and let them go forever.

5) You shall understand that if your relations with some person are not as good as you wanted them to be, it does not mean that you have to get rid of this person. On the contrary, imagine this person and listen to your feelings, realize what prevents you from accepting this person, what barriers you have, what fears or irritation. Write all these feelings on paper and realize why those feelings were given to you, what they teach you. Try to take this person as a teacher, thank him or her for the lesson and forgive sincerely. Then a miracle will happen, and your relations will improve. This will be a reward for the work your soul did.

You summarized the results, understood the problems and now you are ready for the ritual itself.

The Ritual

Take an alternating douche (during the solar eclipse men shall start and end procedure with hot water, and women – start and end with cold water, alternating 5-7 times!!!)

In 10 minutes before the solar eclipse you shall lie down with your head towards the east (for the moon eclipse – towards the north), relax, close your eyes and visualize all fears, complexes and other negative programs you want to get rid of, feeling how they leave you. Imagine them one by one as images (for example, fear as a rock and grievance as a lump) and fill this image with energy of love and gratitude for lessons they taught you. See and feel what happens to them, how they transform and become light and clear creatures or symbols. Then start filling those empty places previously occupied by them with your love.

The moment of the solar eclipse is extremely unique.

7) During this period you may not only get rid of negative situations and feelings but also create a program for the whole year with all your wishes coming true.

Part 2. After the eclipse.

After you worked with the solar eclipse, on the 1st moon day, sit in front of the candle, take a clean piece of paper and write everything you would like to happen during the year. Be specific – what you want and when. If you write down many wishes, you will have to work more and harder.

God does not have any other arms except yours. However, the Universe will provide new opportunities for implementation of your plans. Do not be in a hurry, think about your wishes and whether you really want this wish to come

Here is the formula for making your wishes come true: in order to make a mental image materialize, you have to clearly imagine this image or form and then forget about it, let the situation go.

You can adjust your plans every month on the 1st moon day during the whole year. Plans and dreams of this day come true if your thoughts are sincere and correspond to your true wishes and needs and indeed very important for you.

Astrological ADVICE

Now some advice.

Your plans shall necessarily include vacation periods. Out of my own experience – if you forget to plan it, you usually do not have time for it.

Secondly, try to visualize what you want as clearly as possible.

(Once a woman wrote that she wanted to meet a man of her life who would be kind, honest, optimistic, etc. She forgot though to specify his age. Within a year she met such a man, exactly the one she wanted, but he was 9 years younger than her. The story had a happy end with marriage, but this woman learned a valuable lesson.)

Thirdly, do not forget to put your signature and date on your plans. This way you will take responsibility for your wishes and will not further on complain if something goes wrong.

The most important rule during any eclipse, whether you work with it or not – try to be the source of only heavenly thoughts and wishes during those days that are so important for us and for the Earth.

When you are aggressive, when you argue or quarrel, you harm yourself creating a program of your own happiness destruction. Keep in mind – truth is not born of arguments.

On the contrary, thank your destiny for everything it gives you, wish everyone kindness and light and then you will realize how your thoughts change your life. During these days you become magicians of your own fate and create the program of happiness and peace for everyone. When your heart is filled with gratitude, your mind is free from problems.

Now look into your horoscope. If the solar or moon eclipses are in:

- 1st house – wait for changes in your personal life. Probably you would like to change your image, become a leader. You will not have a chance to sit calmly and lazily. This is the house of Aries which means that you will become a pioneer, active creator and flake in some sphere

- 2nd house – changes in your finances. This sphere may become unstable, and if this does not scare you, you will find the possibility to improve your situation

- 3rd house – you might have to work with problems of your close relatives (brothers, sisters). There is a possibility to study, receive some additional qualification. Business trips may bring new opportunities and useful information

- 4th house – residential changes. You may buy or sell an apartment, house, relocate. Probably you will have to pay more attention to your parents, mother in particular

- 5th house – changes in love relations. Also pay attention to your children as important events will happen in their life which may also involve you

- 6th house – if you were looking for job you will find it within a year. If you had a stable work you will be given a chance to improve your situation and maybe change place of work

- 7th house – changes in family relations and in your partner’s life. You may meet a new partner and register your relations, and for those who want to be free – long wanted divorce

- 8th house – changes in financial situation of your partner (husband or wife). Probably you will have to risk something, but do not be concerned – this experience is of vital importance to you

- 9th house – you may get another higher education, travel abroad and widen your world perception

- 10th house – changes in the sphere of career and life targets. Probably you will have to change your targets and accept new objectives

- 11th house – changes may happen to your plans and projects with friends and while working with group of people (for example, in network marketing)

- 12th house – your spiritual world may be transformed, you will re-evaluate your life. If you do not want your soul to grow through crisis situations – move towards it (for example, attend psychological seminars, read spiritual literature, think about the meaning of life).