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Svetlana Dovgal

Ten major secrets of love

First secret. POWER OF THOUGHT

- Love starts from thinking.
- We become what we think of. Thought filled with love create life filled with love and relations filled with love.

Second secret. POWER OF RESPECT

- To love someone, you shall learn to respect the person first.
- You shall start with respecting yourself.

Third secret. POWER OF GIVING

- If you want to receive love, start with giving it! The more love you give, the more you will get back.
- To love is to give part of you without payment or conditions. Try to be kind unconditionally.
- Magic formula of love is to pay attention not to what you can take but to what you can give.


- To find true love you first have to find a true friend.
- To love is not to look at each other but to look one direction.

Fifth secret. POWER OF TOUCH

- Touch is the most powerful manifestation of love eliminating barriers and strengthening relations.
- Touch changes physical and emotional state and makes people more sensitive to love.
- Touch can heal body and warm up heart. When you open your arms you open your heart.

Sixth secret. POWER OF FREEDOM

- If you love someone, give freedom to this person, let him go free. If he returns to you then he is yours, if not – he never was yours.
- Even in true love relations people sometimes need their personal space.
- If you want to learn to love, first learn to forgive and forget past grievances, sadness, fears, preconceptions and reservations.


- When we learn to communicate honestly and openly, our life changes.
- To love someone means communicating with the person.
- Let people know that you love and appreciate them.
- Never miss a chance to say those magic words “I love you”.
- Never miss a chance to praise someone.
- Always manifest love to someone you love, as you might never see him again.


- True love requires devotion, and this devotion will be reflected in thoughts and actions.
- Devotion and loyalty are the real tests of love.
- If you want love relations, be loyal to those relations.
- Devotion is the difference between stable relations and fragile relations.


- Affection feeds the fire of love and let it burn. Intensive love is characterized by devotion, enthusiasm, interest and excitement.
- Feelings can be revived by recreating past situations when they were burning.
- Spontaneity and surprises lead to same response.

Tenth secret. POWER OF TRUST

- Trust is vitally important for love. Without trust one person becomes suspicious, anxious and fearsome, as well as another one can feel locked in emotional trap without any freedom to breath.
- You cannot love a person if you do not trust this person completely.
- One of the ways to check whether a person suits you is to ask yourself: “Do I trust this person completely and unconditionally?”